Holly Bourne

Primary Agent

Madeleine Milburn

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International Rights

Liane-Louise Smith

+44 (0)20 7499 7550


Film & TV

Hannah Ladds

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Press & reviews

Holly Bourne tackles a serious subject with humour and sensitivity.”

Bourne is intensely readable and writes with compassion, insight and humour.”

Unflinchingly honest and empathetic, this intense novel demonstrates the primary importance of kindness and compassion, that it’s never a persons fault that they’re unwell, and just…

As British as Bridget Jones and laugh out loud funny in parts…Soulmates is an impressive debut novel and a…”

With its winning humour, strong characters and considered plot, this is a book that really does…”

SOULMATES is a book about first love. It's about how it feels to have an instantaneous…”

A fantastic contemporary YA romance with a dark edge – I read it in one sitting!”

A book that pulls the reader in from the outset and keeps us guessing all the way to the incredible…”

A very funny novel that lives up to its hype

A Bridget Jones for millennials… injected with such reality it can’t help but be hilarious…If you want to know what it feels like to be a…