It’s a new year! And for those of you on a wellness kick, we’ve got just the thing – Screen Time (Bonnier / Blink ) by Becca Caddy is a refreshingly realistic look into how we can approach technology in a healthier way, and is out today.

Becca is the perfect person to pen this title, given that her journalist work is based in the fast-moving tech world, writing about new developments. And if audio’s more your thing, the audiobook, which Becca shared a snippet of late last year, is also available, and narrated by Julie Maisey.

Screen Time is the book everyone needs right now – after a year in which many found themselves more glued to their screens than usual, Becca helps us revaluate our relationship with our devices, without dismissing their benefits, and encourages us to set boundaries that we can stick to.

Rather than going cold turkey or fighting against the finely calibrated, billion-dollar barrage of demands for our attention that ping up on our phones, we need to know how to strike a healthier balance with our devices. If we can understand the ways in which our phones affect every area of our lives, from our concentration to our body image, then we can start making the small shifts that will add up to ensure our technology is working for us, not the other way around.

Forget aiming for inbox zero and screen-free days: instead, learn to reassess your relationship with your phone on your own terms, spotting what works for you and what doesn’t.

Your phone? Your rules.


Becca is a freelance technology journalist based in London. For more than ten years, she’s been writing about all the latest developments, such as smart home devices, virtual reality, robotics, mobile health, and digital platforms for a range of publications, including The Guardian, TechRadar, Wired UK, OneZero, Metro UK, MSN, Stuff, T3, Inverse, and New Scientist.

Becca is endlessly curious about the many ways technology intersects with human behaviours, and how apps, networks, and devices can be better used to help people live happier, healthier lives.She also has a lifelong passion for science-fiction and space exploration, which is why she’s constantly trying to peek over the horizon, writing features about the possibility of flying cars, where the universe is going, and why everyone should see the Earth from space at least once.

This is an excellent book with a gorgeous cover, that you’ll certainly want on your shelf, on your nightstand, or in your ear – so purchase a copy today.