As publication day at the end of January draws nearer, this week Simon & Schuster will be posting a blog entry each day about the process of publishing Rupert Wallis’ debut, THE DARK INSIDE.

This series of blog entries will offer a really interesting insight on all aspects of the writing and publishing process – from initially getting the words down on paper, to securing an agent, the editing process, and the subsequent marketing of the book.

The schedule is as follows:

  • 27th Jan – Fiction Fascination (1024 / 1448 Twitter) – Rupert on writing The Dark Inside
  • 28th Jan – The Book Babblers (4296 Twitter) – Madeleine Milburn on discovering the book
  • 29th Jan Feeling Fictional (1165 / 2393 Twitter) – Jane Griffiths on editing The Dark Inside
  • 30th Jan – So Many Books, So Little Time (801 / 762 Twitter) – Rupert on the publishing process as an author
  • 31st Jan – Once Upon a Bookcase (651 /809 Twitter) – Paul on designing the cover for The Dark Inside
  • 1st FebWondrous Reads (1689 / 4856 Twitter) – Kat on marketing a book like The Dark Inside
  • 2nd FebBooks For Company (2182 / 998 Twitter) – Blogger questions and answers from Rupert

‘I’ve actually discovered that something wonderful can happen when writing deeply and truthfully, namely that specific moments and events in a book can morph into something universal. By this Rupert WallisI mean that a reader can read something specific in a story, which can make them recall an experience in their own lives, creating a deeper connection between them and the book. I hope this is true in some small way for those who read ‘The Dark Inside.’  – Rupert Wallis

Read the first blog post now:


Another great review for THE DARK INSIDE by a UK blogger:

‘A book that you can’t stop thinking about, that you have to tell people about and, for me, that’s the mark of a truly powerful novel. A staggering debut by a writer I think we’ll all be watching out for in the future.’  Writing From The Tub

THE DARK INSIDE by Rupert Wallis will be published by Simon and Schuster on 30th January 2014. Pre-order now on Amazon.