We’re delighted to announce Brianna Bourne’s high concept YA love story, You and Me at the End of the World, has been snapped up in the US by Jody Corbett at Scholastic.

A love story following teenagers Hannah and Leo as they discover they are the last two people left on Earth, Brianna’s debut is a heart-stopping story for fans of John Green and Stephanie Perkins.

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Ashton wakes up to silence. The sprawling city of Houston is empty, except for one person: eighteen-year-old Leo.

As they adjust to a world with no parents, no school, and no structure, Hannah and Leo get a chance to be themselves instead of playing parts others cut out for them.

The pressures of being an obedient daughter and music-box-perfect ballerina have driven Hannah into herself, and 80s-rock-obsessed Leo is a burst of honesty and energy that draws her out.

Together, Hannah and Leo search for answers amid crippling isolation. Their empty world seems harmless… until the days shorten and the nights lengthen.

What Hannah sees isn’t always the same as what Leo sees.

When they learn they can manipulate their surroundings, changing the color of the sky and shifting the temperature, they realize this isn’t an ordinary apocalypse.

Their new world is built on a dark secret, one that might tear Leo away and leave Hannah alone—truly alone—forever.

Rights have also been snapped up in Germany (Carlsen), Italy (Rizzoli) and Russia (AST).

Brianna Bourne is originally from Texas but moved abroad when she was six weeks old. After growing up in Indonesia and Egypt, she now lives in England with her husband and two daughters. Brianna holds a BFA (Hons) in Stage Management from Webster University and has worked at English National Ballet, Houston Ballet, Arena Stage, The Washington Ballet, and Northern Ballet. She wrote her first novel in a dark backstage corner, stopping every five minutes to hand props to actors.