Caroline Mitchell is a woman of many talents – not content with wearing just one hat, she’s recently decided to launch her own YouTube series, ‘True Crime Detective‘, and is already achieving mammoth success!

As many long-time fans will know, before Caroline was a stellar crime fiction writer, she was in fact a detective. Perfect for wannabe-supersleuths, or people who just enjoy a good scare, Caroline’s channel examines the most dark and disturbing true crime stories, with the most popular videos so far being the Barnett adoption case, the Abigail Williams and Libby German deaths, the Watts family murders and the story of Elisa Lam. Caroline already has over 20 videos, and over 100,000 unique views – and counting. And her growing fanbase includes fellow bestselling author, C.L. Taylor:

Whilst a detective, Caroline worked in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Self-described as having a “nose for interesting cases”, Caroline’s expertise in finding connected truths within a tangled web of events has made her a natural weaver of tales. Following her departure from the force, she has gone on to publish thrillers and crime fiction novels – to great acclaim. She is a number one bestselling author, with over one million copies sold across all titles, and this time last year, she signed an outstanding deal with Amazon Publishing for three new novels.

Of her catalogue, Caroline is best known for her DI Amy Winter series, which follows a bright-eyed new detective, who’s determined to shake off her troubled past – namely the notoriety of her mother, a psychopathic serial killer. The first book in the series, Truth and Lies (Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer) became a No. 10 New York Times audio bestseller and last year, we were thrilled to confirm that the book has been optioned by Awesome Media for a TV adaptation. As well as this, Caroline’s standalone psychological thriller, Silent Victim (Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer), hit the No. 1 ebook spot in the whole of Amazon across the UK, US and Australia, becoming a Washington Post and USA Today bestseller, and won first prize in the psychological thriller category at the 2019 US Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. It is no surprise at all, with this in mind, that her YouTube channel has acquired such a massive following in relatively short space of time.

Caroline is a crime-writing superstar – and now, a YouTube star! We can’t wait for her fans to experience her captivating storytelling, in all its different mediums. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe now.