It’s THREE days until publication day for The Lie, the latest riveting psychological suspense novel by bestselling author C.L. Taylor (The Accident). Avon/HarperCollins will publish on the 23rd April.

C.L. Taylor THE LIE

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Last Monday, HarperCollins held a pre-launch for The Lie at their new premises in London Bridge where C.L. Taylor read from her novel and signed exclusive 1st edition copies:

C.L. Taylor signing

The retail support has been phenomenal – THE LIE will be promoted across all major retailers in the UK.

Here is a selection of the exceptional pre-publication reviews The Lie has received so far:

‘Packed with twists and turns this brilliantly tense thriller will get your blood pumping.’
THE SUN (Fabulous magazine)

The Lie is absolutely brilliant – The Beach, only darker, more thrilling and more tense. It’s the story of a twisted, distorted friendship. It’s a compelling, addictive and wonderfully written tale. Can’t recommend it enough” – Louise Douglas

“C.L Taylor delivers another compelling read that’ll keep you turning pages way too late into the night. Warning: may cause drowsiness the following day.” – Tamar Cohen

The Lie felt to me like a Black Narcissus for the Facebook generation, a clever exploration of how petty jealousies and misunderstandings can unravel even the tightest of friendships. Claustrophobic, tense and thrilling, a thrill-ride of a novel that keeps you guessing.” – Elizabeth Haynes

“A gripping and disturbing psychological thriller: every bit as good as The Accident.” – Clare Mackintosh

“Tense, menacing and utterly addictive, The Lie is a superbly crafted thriller. I loved it!” – Miranda Dickinson

“A real page-turner, with two storylines: one of growing menace in the present, and a past narrative of a girls-only holiday that goes horrifically wrong. Creepy, horrifying and twisty. CL Taylor is extremely good at writing stories in which you have no idea which characters you can trust, and the result is intriguing and scary and extremely gripping.” – Julie Cohen

5/5 stars ‘The book is utterly gripping, enthralling and rather creepy in a very dark way….This was an excellent second book from Cally Taylor, a solid 5 star read and one that I loved and would highly recommend.’
Best Crime Books

5/5 stars ‘Taylor is queen of keeping you on the edge of your seat. Having read other work of hers I knew she was good. This showed me she is great.’
Nerd Problems

5/5 stars ‘It’s addictive and impossibly twisty – I just couldn’t stop reading it – when I’d finished, I looked up and saw that it was dark outside. Now THAT’s the sign of a great plot.’
Little Bookness Lane

5/5 stars ‘The Lie is an utterly gripping psychological thriller that you won’t forget for a long time. Dark and creepy and wonderfully written.’
Alba in Book Land

5/5 stars ‘I defy any reader not to enjoy this book, you need to read it, it is simply stunning! C. L. Taylor has rightfully earned her place on my ‘Destined for Huge Things’ bookshelf.’
Claire Loves to Read

‘An outstanding read and one that will linger with me for some time.’
Life of

‘What I enjoyed about this read was its bleakness, strangely enough. It seemed to have a great deal to say on the fragility of friendships and the sadness of toxic relationships.’
Northern Crime