Fiona Barton, author of the internationally bestselling The Widow, has just released the enticing cover for her upcoming new novel, The Child. Continuing the story of The Widow‘s reporter Kate Waters, this brand-new thriller promises to be just as gripping and terrifying as her first…


People say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But three women know this isn’t always true: sometimes, what doesn’t kill you makes you wish it had. THE CHILD is their story, told when the discovery of a baby’s body threatens to expose their secrets.


With little evidence of foul play, the police are reluctant to make the ‘Building Site Baby’ case a priority. But something about it tugs at journalist Kate Waters’ heart, and she starts her own investigation into finding the baby’s name and its mother.


As she digs deeper, Kate discovers the heartbreaking tale of a family tragedy that has lain buried for decades – the repercussions of which are greater now than they’ve ever been . . .


Barton’s inspiration for her new novel comes from exactly the same place as Kate’s compulsion to dig into the past: the chance discovery of a chilling news article about a baby’s skeleton found in a back garden.


Like Kate, Barton says, “I wanted to know who the baby was and why someone had secretly buried it. I was drawn by the desperation of the act and the human tragedy behind it”. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly she discloses her struggle to make sure The Child lives up to the expectations left in the wake of The Widow, a process which she describes as sometimes enjoyable but sometimes more like “wrenching it out of my body with bloodied fingernails”.


The pressures surrounding the publication of a second novel may be high, but Barton’s taut grasp of character, suspense and high-stakes plot as demonstrated by her first book are confident. The Child is due to be released on 30th of May 2017.


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