With lockdown having pressed pause on our book fairs, festivals and foreign trips , the International Rights team continue to feel nourished more than ever by the incredible support and enthusiasm from publishers and readers around the world for our agency authors.

We’ve had a fantastic flurry of deals, publications and international publicity over the last few weeks, so here’s a summary of everything that’s been going on – both from home, and abroad!

June kicked off with a slew of impressive publications across Europe, starting with Elizabeth Kay’s Seven Lies, which was published in French, Spanish and Catalan, by Robert Laffont and Planeta respectively. In Iceland, where Seven Lies was published in May, we were extremely excited to see it hit #4 on the bestseller charts, and Peninn (the one and only book store chain in Iceland) has selected it as their Book of the Month for June.

The Authenticity Project , Clare Pooley’s joyous 2020 debut about 6 strangers brought together by a notebook, has been published in Italian by Mondadori, and in Dutch by De Bezigebij.

Abbie Greave’s beautifully moving debut The Silent Treatment has been published in Italian by Garzanti (with some stylish interior design on the cover), and has also gone to #14 in the Empik top 100 Bestseller Chart in Poland after being published there by Muza, who are now on their second re-print. Go Abbie!

Later in the month we’re also getting ready to see C.J. Tudor’s The Other People published in Greek, Seven Lies published in Swedish and Dutch, and The Perfect Mother by Caroline Mitchell published in Italian.

With so much author publicity and promotion now taking place through social media, it was wonderful to see C.J. Tudor enthralling her Brazilian readers during an Instagram Live Q&A this week, hosted by her publisher Intrinseca.

In Denmark, the first Danish reviews are out for Fiona Valpy’s Sea of Memories, which has earned shining 4* reviews from the women’s magazines Søndag and Femina, the latter of which wrote:

[Sea of Memories] is not only a story about love and family; it’s just as much a story about human motivation and drive, about choices and reconciliation … no one can put a finger on the entertainment value or the amount of Kleenex, you’re going to use while reading.

Another strong review in the Danish women’s weekly magazine Alt for Damerne, also praised it as “A sentimental story about first love and seizing the opportunities that we’re given in life“.

And to the business of selling rights themselves, we’re proud to announce we’ve closed an unstoppable 25 deals and counting in the last month!

We’ve currently sold or are negotiating rights to Nita Prose’s compelling commercial fiction debut The Maid  in 21 territories so far: to Euromedia in Czech Republic; Pegasus in Estonia; Bazar Kustannus Oy in Finland; Calmann-Levy in France; Knaur in Germany; Ambo Anthos in Holland; La Nave di Teseo in Italy; Dar-Altanweer in Lebanon; Alma-Littera in Lithuania; Cappelen Damm in Norway; Presenca in Portugal; Azbooka-Atticus in Russia; Vulkan in Serbia; Duomo in Spain and Albert Bonniers in Sweden. Next to join the list will be Brazil, Romania and Latvia, where we’re currently negotiating offers.

Meanwhile …

Metaichmio in Greece has become the latest international publisher to join the party for Ashley Audrain’s heart-stopping suspense novel The Push, taking the tally to 31 territories.

T.A. Willberg’s Marion Lane & the Inquirers has also sold to Piper in Germany and Eksik-Parca in Turkey.

French rights to Melanie Golding’s Little Darlings have gone to Presses de la Cite.

Swedish rights to Debbie Johnson’s Maybe One Day have gone to Printz Publishing.

Russian rights to Jenny BaylissThe Twelve Dates of Christmas have gone to AST.

Lithuanian rights to C.L. Taylor’s The Lie have gone to Jotema, and UAB Balto have acquired Lithuanian rights to I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll.

And on our fantastic children’s list, rights to Katie Kirby’s The Reinvention of Lottie Brookes have gone to Gottmer in Holland, Salani in Italy, and Fragment in Czech Republic.

Turkish rights to Lara Williamson’s The Girl With Space in Her Heart have sold to Pegasus.

Over and out from the International team for now!