Kate Weston’s hilariousl debut YA novel, Diary of a Confused Feminist is published today by Hodder Children’s.

The novel has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks, rising  to fame when it was chosen as The Sunday Times “Childrens Book of the Week” over the weekend. They said of it: “If you found the late Louise Rennison’s diaries of Georgia Nicholson funny, and you are not squeamish about explicit discussions of mooncups and dick pics, this book by the comedian Kate Weston will make you laugh out loud.”

Diary of a Confused Feminist follows the story of Kat Evans, who has many ambitions. To get together with Hot Josh, excel in her coursework, to be a writer, to be a good feminist…

The problem is, she’s not sure what good feminism entails:

Dear Emmeline Pankhurst,

If you’re up there, I’ve just purchased another menstrual cup to give it another go. If you could do your magic to help things go a little smoother this time, that’d be great. 

With feminist thanks,

Kat x

“I laughed, I cried – Diary of a Confused Feminist is a hell of a ride, a book I’d highly recommend.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

“If you want a great throw back to your teenage years or something to get your daughter then this is perfect. Its witty, full of heart and on point.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Kate Weston has burst onto the Young Adult Fiction scene like a fully-formed Louise Rennison (still very much missed) for the #MeToo generation. Her sparkling debut brings belly laughs from the opening chapter.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Kate Weston is an ex-stand-up comedian (never won any awards) and a bookseller (never won any awards at that either). She now works as a marketeer in publishing, and in her spare time writes books for teenagers. Her debut will be published by Hodder Children’s in February 2020. Though she no longer sells books, she is thrilled she now writes them, and is sometimes still funny.