At MM Agency we love to see all of the positive reception that our authors receive, so we have been utterly thrilled to see all of the attention that Katie Kirby’s new book has been grabbing recently.

The first book in a hilarious new illustrated series, The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks (Puffin) follows the titular character of Lottie, as she struggles with all of the embarrassment and life lessons that come with growing up and entering high-school.

Since having been published in March this year, Lottie Brooks has been making waves, topping the Amazon Bestsellers List at no.1, as well as staying on the The Sunday Times Bestseller’s List as one of the top 20 children’s titles, for two-weeks straight. The book was also featured at no. 7 on The Bookseller’s Children’s and YA Chart, and was also recently selected for the Primary School Book Club Vote.

A fun and fantastically funny read that has been entertaining both kids and parents, The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks has been gaining gushing reviews from a whole set of new fans:

It is so relatable because I’m 12 and just went into year 7 and a-lot of experiences the main character had, I had too. I read this within 2 days and can’t believe i finally found the right book. I really recommend this book for girls aged 11-12 as its very relevant about what you will or might go through. It is very easy to read as well! (coming from a person that finds it hard to read).Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

 I decided I needed to read it before giving over to my daughter. I smashed it in 2 days it’s really funny and tackles a lot of what may be going through a pre- teen girls head during this tricky age with a few subtle life lessons thrown in for good measure! Perfect for 9-11 year olds (or 41 year olds)Amazon Review, 5 stars

Had such a lovely weekend so far, bought my daughter this book and we’ve sat down no technology/distractions and read for an hour and a half enjoying the story together, taking it in turns reading a diary entry at a time,  highly recommend this book for daughters growing up with bodies changing, approaching high school age or just a good read, the book light heartedly approaches subjects you or your kids may be embarrassed to bring up initially, but then will encourage conversations. – Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars