We’ve got a couple of gorgeous cover reveals to round the week off.

A Dangerous Act of KindnessL.P. Fergusson’s epic love story set during the Second World War was revealed today…

Despite hearing the enemy planes fly overhead on their nightly missions to bomb nearby targets, Millie Sanger’s grief and the pressures of running her late husband’s farm keep the war a distant threat.

Until she finds a pilot sheltering in her barn, pointing a gun at her head.

Rescued by the English woman, all Lukas Schiller can think about is fixing his shoulder and heading out into the blizzard to begin his escape back to his beloved Luftwaffe. But he didn’t count on a growing intimacy with Millie, which quickly develops into a passionate affair that neither of them are willing to relinquish…

Forced apart through circumstances beyond their control, they are  haunted by the repercussions of their encounter. Those closest to Millie suddenly become her greatest threat. Lukas’s ideals are left shattered. And while Lukas does all that he can to return to her side, Millie runs the risk of paying the ultimate price: a traitor’s death.

A Dangerous Act of Kindness will be published by Canelo in March 2019.


Lesley Sanderson’s The Woman at 46 Heath Street cover has also been revealed, and we absolutely love it…


The last letter is addressed to me. No stamp, swirly handwriting in black ink. I pull out a piece of paper, stiffening when I read the message. Hands trembling, the note slides to the floor.

Your husband is having an affair.

Six words written in neat block letters.

Six words slipped through her letterbox, destroying her marriage, exposing Ella’s perfect life as perfect lies.

But Ella has a plan: Alice is the answer to her problems. A lodger, to help keep her afloat, a friend, to keep the loneliness at bay.

Only Alice has her own reasons for wanting to live at 46 Heath Street…

The Woman at 46 Heath Street will be published by Bookouture in Spring 2020.