Jenna Burtenshaw’s LEGACY, the third book in the WINTERCRAFT series published by Headline on the 10th May, has been subject to rave reviews: 

“Just when I thought things couldn’t get more tense and exciting – they do! I adore the mysterious world that the author has created both the living and the one beyond the veil…” My Favourite Books

“Wow what can I say, Wintercraft: Legacy is the best of the three book in the series and it was definitely worth the wait.” Annamarie Smith

“Jenna Burtenshaw uses impeccable descriptions to describe the world Silas and Kate travel through. As I was reading about the caverns underground and the city housed in them I was amazed at how vivid they were in my mind. The climax of the novel was also brilliant…” Books Take You Places

“The detailed and beautiful descriptions of the world made me feel like I was there with Kate on her dark and dangerous journey”  The Page Turner

For your own personal copies, and your way into Wintercraft, follow the covers below: