Melanie Hudson’s gripping new historical novel, The Night Train to Berlin is out today in ebook by One More Chapter Books.

Melanie Hudson is a USA Today Bestselling author and is known for her romantic and tear-jerking historical and women’s fiction. Her debut novel, The Wedding Cake Tree, won the Romantic Novelists’ Association Contemporary Romance Novel of the Year 2016, and her 2020 novel The Last Letter To Juliet was a Kindle bestseller. As Melanie’s fans continue to praise her ability to transport them to another time, we can’t wait for readers to get lost in this emotional and scenic new title set against the backdrop of WWII.

Two lost souls brought together by the chaos of war.

 A train journey into the past.

 A love that echoes through time. 

Paddington Station, present day

 A young woman boards the sleeper train to Cornwall with only a beautiful emerald silk evening dress and an old, well-read diary full of sketches. Ellie Nightingale is a shy violinist who plays like her heart is broken. But when she meets fellow passenger Joe she feels like she has been given that rarest of gifts…a second chance.


Paddington Station, 1944

 Beneath the shadow of the war which rages across Europe, Alex and Eliza meet by chance. She is a gutsy painter desperate to get to the frontline as a war artist and he is a wounded RAF pilot now commissioned as a war correspondent. With time slipping away they make only one promise: to meet in Berlin when this is all over. But this is a time when promises are hard to keep, and hope is all you can hold in your heart.


Early reviews are in! And The Night Train to Berlin is definitely a new page-turning favourite for both old and new fans.

“Stuffed full of emotion with rich, engaging characters (including strong, intelligent women) set against the backdrop of WW2, you won’t want to miss this read..”  – Netgalley reviewer

 “I love historical fiction and this book just caught me by the heart and journeyed me through time, I felt so caught up in the lives of these wonderful women that I was gutted when it came to the end. I wanted more!!”Netgalley reviewer

“This book is absolutely dripping with emotion; warm, sentimental, yet strong, independent women who fight for what they want, are determined to make things happen and don’t care if they go against the norm. I couldn’t get enough of each characters story.” – Goodreads review, 5 stars

 “Everyone needs to get aboard, The Night Train to Berlin! It is a fascinating tale that keeps you riveted to the very last page, and keeps you wanting for more.!” – Goodreads review, 5 stars

 Huge congratulations to Melanie on her publication day! If you haven’t already ordered a copy for your kindle, be sure to get one here.