Today’s author interview is a special Guest author: the lovely Carina Rozenfeld, prize-winning French author of sci-fi and fantasy, published in France by Robert Laffont, who has co-authored the upcoming action-packed, supernatural adventure series THE SECRET FIRE. The first book will be published by Little Brown on 10th of September!

Carina Rozenfeld

If you weren’t writing, what other job would you dream to have?

When I was younger I wanted to be an astrophysicist. I wanted to watch and understand the universe. But I quickly understood that I wasn’t good enough at sciences. Otherwise, I’d want to be an science officer on the Enterprise.

Favourite book as a child?

Wow I coudn’t tell. I read so many books when I was a child… But I loved Narnia a lot. I wanted to find a secret passage to a magic world in a wardrobe at home. Instead I wrote my own magic worlds…

Favourite food/snack while writing?

Cheese. I’m French. So what else ?

Do you listen to music when you write? If yes, what’s your favourite piece to listen to?

Yes, most of the time I listen to music. I can’t listen to songs, because I want to sing the lyrics at the same time, and it’s very hard to write and sing (most of the time in different languages !) 😉

I love to listen to Two Steps from Hell albums. They create a lot of different feelings.

Most unglamorous part of being a writer?

You can spend a whole day without talking to a single person. Or you just end up talking to your cat.

What is your favourite spot to read in?

I love to read in my bed.

What has been your most touching review or message from a fan so far?

I don’t have one in particular I remember but I receive a lot of beautiful reviews. I love the ones where my readers confide themselves when my book gave them the confidence that they can, because I’d understand them. Others are when they tell me they started to love reading because of my books.

Favourite holiday destination? Are you a beach bunny or a city explorer?

I love New York and London, but I spent a few days in Norway in July and I fell in love with this country. It’s so breathtaking !

Summer tipple of choice?

Something with pineapple and coconut juice in it, but I’m not very fond of alcohol, I just love the fruits.

What book are you reading right now/planning to read over the summer?

The next book on my pile is the very last Night School by CJ Daugherty. I can’t wait to know how everything ends !

Most importantly, favourite ice cream flavour?

Vanilla, of course !