Happy Hump Day everyone! It’s not a particularly sunny one sadly, so we’re going to cheer ourselves up with another author interview, this time from the radiant Fionnuala Kearney, who’s fabulous debut YOU, ME AND OTHER PEOPLE is out now with Harper Collins!

Fionnuala b&w smiling

What’s your daily routine when you are writing?

It depends on what part of the process I’m in. If I’m writing a first draft, I tend to write all day with a few breaks – one for lunch and the others just to stretch out and walk about for ten minutes or so.

If I’m editing, I tend to do it in the mornings, then take a lunch break and then do emails, Twitter etc afterwards, with one more final edit slot in the late afternoon.

It’s a full time job, this writing lark!

Where do you write best?

In my office at home. I have everything there; the desktop PC which I prefer to work on, rather than a laptop; all my notebooks; my white board. It’s where I feel safest writing. Although I can and do write on a laptop away from home, I usually feel like I’m missing something, so from the physical and mental comfort factors – home is where I work best. And where there’s a constant snack supply! (See number five)

Favourite food/snack while writing?

Walkers cheese and onion crisps. Failing that, any kind of crisps. I know they’re bad for me  – nutrition less and empty calories. Bad for me. I’m a bad girl.

Do you ever get writer’s block?

Oh yes. There are times when the fear can completely overwhelm. The Block, if it attacks me, can be relatively short lived and cured by a small break away or a walk but sometimes it’s bigger and requires me giving myself a serious talking to. During these times, I can be found chatting away to no-one obvious, my thumb curled and aimed at my mouth.

Most unglamorous part of being a writer?

Writer’s butt. The clothes I wear when working – pyjama bottoms and old tee shirts. The glasses on the end of my nose. The toothpaste covered spot. The greying roots oh, the roots…

Do you have any secret talents (other than writing)?

I can make a three point turn last for twenty manoeuvres.

What has been your most touching review or message from a fan so far?

I’ve had so many fabulous reviews and am incredibly grateful for each and every one of them – truly. The fact that readers have taken the time to post reviews really means a lot. To any writer, when someone tells you they’ve enjoyed the book you’ve written – whether it’s a review or a short tweet, it makes a difference, it really does.

This was a recent tweet from a reader which really made me smile…

“@LisaLr1234: @fionnualatweets just finished ‘you, me& other people’. Went immediately 2 get another of ur books only 2 discover it’s ur 1st. LOVED it!”

Favourite holiday destination? Are you a beach bunny or a city explorer?

I love Javea in Spain where we go regularly to relax but I also love the odd city break. Rome, without a doubt, has, so far, been my favourite city destination.

Summer tipple of choice?

A cold Sauvignon blanc or a Pimms.

What book are you reading right now/planning to read over the summer?

I’ve just read Summertime by Vanessa Laffaye which I loved. Atmospheric and mesmerising – if you liked The Help, you’ll love it. I’ve just started reading Ordinary Joe by Jon Teckman and I know I’m going to love it too for totally different reasons. Next on the list is Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller ( winner of the prestigious Desmond Elliot prize this year) Claire, Vanessa and Jon are members of a writing group I belong to called The Prime Writers, www.theprimewriters.com where all of us have had our novels commercially published over the age of forty! Also want to read ‘Freedom’s Child’ by Jax Miller and ‘The Trouble with Goats and Sheep’ by Joanna Cannon. So many books and so little time!

Most importantly, favourite ice cream flavour?

Ben and Jerry’s one with toffee bits in it.



YOU, ME AND OTHER PEOPLE on tour in Spain!