ANYONE BUT IVY POCKET by Caleb Krisp, a quirkly Victorian murder mystery adventure for middle grade readers, is publishing in paperback by Bloomsbury today.


Ivy Pocket is a twelve-year-old maid with the natural instincts of a wartime Prime Minister. Or at the very least, a lighthouse keeper. For the princely sum of £500, Ivy has agreed to courier the Duchess of Trinity’s most precious possession – the Clock Diamond – from Paris to England, and to put it around the neck of the revolting Matilda Butterfield on her twelfth birthday.


Acquiring bosom friends and instant enemies as she goes, it’s not long before Ivy finds herself at the heart of a conspiracy involving mischief, mayhem and murder…



‘A wonderfully entertaining heroine.’ Financial Times

‘Exuberantly told with apt and wildly witty caricatures from John Kelly, it has a fun, original voice.’ Sunday Times

‘Part Jane Eyre, part Lemony Snicket and a lot of fun, Anyone But Ivy Pocket is a must-read.’ Huffington Post

‘An irresistible narrator . . . Ivy is feisty, suffers from grand self-delusions and is completely without irony or self-awareness. At times there are glimmers of the abandoned child, making her at once insufferable and endearing . . . Readers looking for a narrator to capture their imaginations with tall tales and unlikely escapades will find her in Ivy Pocket.’  Junior Bookseller & Publisher magazine


You can get your copy here