Eddy Stone and the Mean Genie’s Curse  by Simon Cherry publishes in paperback today with Usborne.

When Eddy Stone accidentally releases a wizard from a cursed lamp, his town’s wishes start coming true and they can’t believe their good fortune.

But before long, the gift turns out to be a curse, and by the afternoon the peace of the town is in tatters.

It soon becomes clear that their wishes are being granted by a well-meaning but incompetent junior genie.

Tumbling into a land of genies, mad emperors and dancing camels, can Eddy put a stop to this wayward wishing?

The third book in the series, Eddy Stone and the Mean Genie’s Curse is a hilarious middle grade adventure, perfect for younger readers.

Find out what comedians Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry think of the series:

“Oh how I wish the wonderfully told adventures of this unforgettable pirate and the boy who befriends him had existed when I was young. I shall pretend I still am and read them again and again.” Stephen Fry

“A charming, surreal and batty trip into a world of Pythonesque Pirates, buried treasure and total silliness. Lovely.” Lenny Henry

Congratulations, Simon, on the publication of your uproariously funny, middle-grade caper!