Rona Halsall’s highly-anticipated new thriller, The Liar’s Daughter is out today in ebook by Bookouture, Hachette.

This new novel follows the character of Eva, whose world turns upside down when she discovers that she has a long-lost sister who has just recently reappeared. While Eva hopes that her sister’s reappearance will provide answers to her family’s shadowy past, she soon realises that some secrets are best left in the dark.

The phone rings. What Eva doesn’t realise is that the call will signal the end of what she knows to be true. The end of trusting her family. And the end of everything keeping her safe…

 The phone call is from a hospital hundreds of miles away. A woman has been admitted with a serious head injury, saying she’s Eva’s older sister. A sister Eva never knew she had. Whose name – Nancy – has never once been mentioned by her parents.

 It seems impossible. Could the two people who brought Eva up have lied to her for her whole life? With her dad’s memory fading and her beloved stepmother unable to leave him, when the hospital insist a family member must come to collect Nancy, Eva realises that she’s the only person who can go.

 Perhaps at long last this is someone who can give her some answers though. About what happened to her real mother on the day Eva was born. About why Nancy left and no one ever mentioned her name again. And about why she never came home…

 Eva hopes Nancy will tell her the truth about her family. But what she is about to find is far darker than she could ever imagine.


Having published multiple bestselling psychological thrillers with over 250,000 copies sold, including the Not The Booker Prize nominated One Mistake, Rona’s newest novel is sure to be another gripping page-turner. Early reviews of The Liar’s Daughter have been nothing short of glowing, as Rona’s new book has continued to garner praise for its fast-paced and unexpected twists.

“Whenever I pick up one of Rona’s books I know that I’m going to get a gripping tale that will keep me turning the pages and this one didn’t disappoint. An unputdownable family drama with dark secrets, complicated characters and plenty of twists and turns, also an original take on coercive control and the depths some people go to manipulate someone to do what they want.”  – Goodreads review, 5 stars

 “The story and characters are so well written, it’s fast paced and totally gripping. I just couldn’t bare to put it down!”Goodreads review, 5 stars

“People are going to get tired of me talking about this book because it is straight out FABULOUS!! It will be one of my go-to recommendations for a long time to come.” – Netgalley review, 5 stars

 “A deliciously dark tale of deception and family secrets, THE LIAR’S DAUGHTER is twisted, it’s creepy and addictive from start to finish. And it did not disappoint!” – Netgalley, 5 stars

 A huge congratulations to Rona, we’re excited to see this amazing thriller reach the hands of a whole new group of readers!