We are delighted that Scribble Witch, the warm, funny and magical debut by Inky Willis, flies onto bookshelves today with Hachette Children’s.

Welcome to the new magical series about a girl and her secret scribble witch, guaranteed to make 7-9s laugh out loud.

When Molly’s best friend announces that she’s moving to a new school, a blue Wednesday becomes the Worst Wednesday Ever.

That is until some unexpected magic brightens up Molly’s day. Notes, a tiny paper witch who has been lurking in a pen pot, springs to life – and into action! Some of the things Notes does are absolutely NOT helpful and get Molly into trouble with her grouchbag teacher. But it’s surprising what one tiny witch, armed with nothing more than a pencil, can achieve before the bell for home time rings…

With a vibrant, unique voice, and amazing illustrations to match, Inky Willis conjures up magic for every reader!

Congratulations, Kate – half our copies have already been pinched by young family members of the MM team, and we know kids everywhere are going to love Scribble Witch too.