James Reeves and Gabrielle Brown’s co-authored guide, The Book of Restis published today by HQ.

James and Gabrielle founded the yoga school Restful Being in 2014, where they run regular yoga Nidra classes. Here, they encourage their students to to explore the phenomenon of deep rest- the foundation for The Book of Rest

Stop Striving. Start Being.

We live in a restless society, even the things we do to relax have become competitive tasks, often packaged up for social media. We’re on a constant mission to fix and refine ourselves…but what if feeling complete was possible without having to do anything? What if all this doing is what’s stopping us from being? What if that perfect version of ourselves in the future was already here?

The Book of Rest is a guide born out of the philosophies and practices of yoga nidra (‘sleep yoga’) enabling the reader to recognise, allow and use rest to connect with their deepest, always-at-peace self.

Is it possible that deep down you are always OK?

James’ teaching has reached far and wide, and he’s received some brilliant reviews for his methods:

‘James’s heartfelt gentleness and masterful wisdom shine through in his teachings. His expertise lies in his ability to light the path for others to find their own way’ Richard Miller, clinical psychologist, researcher and yogic scholar

‘James has been the most amazing teacher. Not only am I fitter and more flexible but also I feel better balanced, mentally and emotionally.’ Emma Watson, actress

James Reeves is one of Europe’s leading experts in yoga nidra, a transformative state of deep relaxation. He specialises in iRest (‘Integrative Restoration), and is the first recognised iRest Teacher Trainer in Europe. As well as running regular yoga classes, workshops and retreats, James works one-one with clients recovering from stress-related conditions such as depression, trauma and anxiety (and even pre-award ceremony nerves at the Oscars). In 2014 James founded the yoga teaching and training school Restful Being with his partner Gabrielle Brown.

Gabrielle Brown is a writer and editor with nearly 20 years’ experience in publishing and corporate communications. She has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 2004 and qualified to teach in early 2013 after studying classical yoga in India and yoga nidra with Richard Miller in California. Gabrielle founded the yoga teaching and training school Restful Being with her partner James Reeves in 2014, and she continues to oversee all marketing and communications for the organisation.