We are delighted that Jordan Kopy‘s debut, Theodora Hendrix and the Monstrous League of Monsters is published today by Walker Books.

In this gloriously gruesome Middle Grade title which is the first in a series, we meet young human Theodora, found as a baby and brought up by zombie George, and the rest of her monster family. But when a mystery mailer begins threatening to expose her family’s secrets, she knows she has to take action.

In The Bookseller‘s write-up of the deal last year, Emma Lidbury, Commissioning Editor at Walker Books, praised Jordan’s “limitless” imagination – we couldn’t agree with her more. If you’d like a sneak peek, be sure to check out Jordan’s delightful read-aloud of the prologue, which she did earlier this week, here.

If you think monsters don’t exist, just ask Theodora Hendrix. The start of a brilliantly funny new series, perfect for fans of Amelia Fang.

The first rule of the Monstrous League of Monsters is: Keep monsters hidden from humans. But when zombie George and his cat companion Bandit find an abandoned baby, they can’t leave her to be eaten by hobgoblins. So they spirit her home where she quickly becomes part of the family. Fast-forward ten years, and young Theodora doesn’t seem too scarred by her monstrous upbringing. But now a series of anonymous letters suggest that someone is about to reveal their secret. If Theodora doesn’t act fast, she may lose her family for ever…

Jordan works in the financial world and is a New Yorker now living in London with her husband and badly behaved cat. She spends her days staring at numbers and her nights with ghosts, witches and the occasional evil hag.

As we creep closer to Halloween, be sure to put this spooktacular comedy on your reading list. Congratulations, Jordan.