Irish Times bestselling author Fionnuala Kearney’s The Book of Love is published today by HarperCollins.

The novel, which was published in Ireland in October, is the third book from Fionnuala Kearney, who wrote You, Me and Other People and The Day I Lost You

Described by Sinead Moriarty as A Beautiful, emotional love story“, the novel follows the story of Dom and Erin, who use a notebook for those things in a marriage that are too difficult to say…

One love. Two people. Twenty Years.

From the moment they met, Erin and Dom loved each other too much, too quickly. Everyone said it wouldn’t last. But they knew differently.

A wedding present, a notebook, brings them together through the good times and the bad. On the blank pages of their love story, they write down everything they can’t always say – the secrets, the heartbreak, the highs and lows. It’s where they see the best and worst of each other.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is where the story begins…

This is the Book of Love.

The Book of Love has generated brilliant reviews ahead of its publication:

My book of the year” Claire Allan

“Tender and wise” Liz Nugent

“Life, loss, love and hope – a story to steal your heart and stir your soul” Miranda Dickinson

“A gorgeous emotional read that had me in tears…read it to believe in the power of love” Liz Fenwick

I’m very conscious about the fact that I will probably gush with enthusiasm because I quite simply adored it… I gobbled up the words, which join together to create a simple, touchable, beautiful tale. The Book of Love is one of my picks of the month, yes, yes, I loved it!” Liz Robinson on

Deep and intelligent and so cleverly written, for sure my certain contender for the best read in 2019. And after reading it, this is what I call book-hangover. I loved it – mightily.” Onmybookshelf, 5 stars

“I’ve read many books in my life. Many that were entertaining, gripping.. and overall just fantastic reads. I’ve had the pleasure of reading & reviewing great romances in my book blogging career but none have come close to this book.” Morgana’s Book Box

In other news, watch out for Fionnuala’s interview being published tomorrow – the first to feature in a new series on our website which focuses on the inspirations, writing practises and favourite books of our authors.