We’re delighted to say You’re Snug With Me, illustrated by the brilliant Poonam Mistry and written by Chitra Soundar, has been named one of six best picture books of the year by Kirkus Reviews.

At the start of winter, two bear cubs are born, deep in their den in the frozen north.

“Mama, what lies beyond here?” they ask their mother.

“‘Above us is a land of ice and snow.”

“What lies beyond the ice and snow?” they ask.

“Beyond the snow is the ocean, full of ice from long ago.”

And as the earth dances on her toes and the nights get longer, the little bear cubs learn from their mother the secrets of the earth and their place in it, while their Mama whispers, “You’re snug with me”.

The book is published in the UK and US by Lantana Publishing, and is the second in a series by the duo. The first, You’re Safe With Megarnered a starred review from Kirkus Reviews, one of four starred reviews for the book, and critical acclaim across the board including a nomination for the Kate Greenaway Medal for Poonam.

We can’t wait to see what these two get up to next!